Inter-island barge entering Kawaihae harbor

Tug and Barge

Tug and Barge entering Kawaihae harborOne of the inter-island barges enters Kawaihae harbor on a calm, clear morning. The barges are a prime method for moving freight between the islands, with Honolulu being the hub of all the operations.

The water isn’t always this calm. It can get very rough, very quickly, particularly crossing the channels between the different islands.

Posted in response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge ‘Liquid.’

Tug and Barge in Kawaihae Harbor


15 thoughts on “Inter-island barge entering Kawaihae harbor

    • Thanks. I think ships and shipping have a certain grandeur. Perhaps it’s because we usually see them some distance away at sea and they look small, but up closer they’re very imposing.

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      • Actually my husband is Director of the SMA on Mauna Kea and visits frequently (though slightly less these days than over the last 20 years). I am slated for a visit in September because finally I can make the time. I have a sneaky feeling I will be like a wide-eyed child from start to finish but if you have any recommendations of off-beat must-dos I would be so grateful. The problem with always visiting somewhere with a single purpose as my husband has is that you have a tendency to miss out of everything else 🙂

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        • I love going up Mauna Kea. Maybe I’ll post a couple of my SMA photos here soon. As far as things to do, it depends what you’re interested in. I like to hike and snorkel and I’m interested in wildlife from fish to birds, so that influences my choices. Why don’t you email me at with some idea of your interests and I’ll be happy to make some suggestions if I can.

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          • I’m a great hiker and I love wildlife. I will certainly be interested to see your pictures of the SMA if you decided to post them, as will my husband 😃 I will email you next week … that is most kind of you

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            • I look forward to hearing from you. If you like hiking you should check out and see if anything there strikes your fancy. They have excellent information and maps for many public trails.


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