Sailboat off the coast

This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Secrets.’ See more responses here.

Here are a couple of secretive glimpses of a sailboat heading north along the Kona coast. I used to sail for a good many years until I sold my last boat, a twelve-foot San Fransisco Bay Pelican. In that boat, I used to putter around the bay for the fun of it, but I also took it on longer journeys. Before that, I used to have a bigger sailboat and also crewed on the boats of others.

While I like bay sailing, what I really enjoyed was sailing somewhere, not just the activity, but the passage making – navigation, nights spent in the open ocean under the stars.

The boat in these photos could do that, though I’m not sure I could anymore – too used to my creature comforts these days.

6 thoughts on “Sailboat off the coast

  1. The Snow Melts Somewhere

    This was an interesting reveal, Graham! I had no idea you used to be a sailor, but actually I’m not surprised. You’re an adventurer. I looked up that Pelican, I can just imagine idle sailing and sunny, happy days 🙂 And I feel the same these days: too old for anything too crazy, love being comfortable! 😉 My young self would be shocked: I guess I finally grew up! Gorgeous photos, by the way!

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    1. Graham Post author

      The Pelican was a fun little boat. I almost managed to capsize it one time, making a far tighter turn than it was capable of. One thing I liked about long distance sailing is that it made me slow down. I found myself noticing, possibly for the first time, little things I hadn’t registered – the movement of clouds, the energy of waves, seabirds gliding over the ocean. This has stood me in good stead for my current photography where I spend a good deal of time watching dragonflies going back and forth or a spider working on a web.

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