Farm stands

There’s a good deal of small scale agriculture on the Big Island. Many of these enterprises grow fruits and vegetables, which are sold to local restaurants, grocery stores, and at farmers markets. Several of these small farms also sell direct to the public. One or two have setups much like regular stores, but most have small farm stands.

The farm stands operate on the honor system. Fruits and veggies are displayed, a price list is posted, often on a chalk board, and buyers leave their money in some kind of small cash box. I don’t know how often those cash boxes are emptied, but even if it’s only once a week, no one’s going to make a killing by stealing one. There’s rarely a lot on offer at these smaller stands, but what there is is fresh, organic, reasonably priced, and very local.

Posted in response to this week’s Friendly Friday challenge on the theme of ‘Fruit.’ See more responses here.

6 thoughts on “Farm stands

  1. lisaonthebeach

    Fruit stands – one of the things I love about Hawaii! My favorite fruit is Papaya. When we have visited I would purchase papaya, then eat them in the hotel room every day. Seriously, I am planning a return trip in a year or two!

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