House sparrow

I watched this house sparrow hopping around on a lanai. The light gave the whole image an interesting metallic effect.

11 thoughts on “House sparrow

    • According to my bird book, house sparrows were imported to Hawaii from New Zealand in the 1870s. Of course, that doesn’t rule out that it was homesick Europeans who were responsible.


          • There was a few European bird species introduced to New Zealand. The European Blackbird is another and there are others I’ve forgotten. I used to frequent bird photography forums and saw various European bird species posted by New Zealand photographers.

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            • It’s interesting how that happens with birds, which can fly after all. Some quite small birds came to Hawaii under their own power despite the long distance.


            • I think the worst case I heard of was someone from the U.S. who thought North America should have all the bird species mentioned by Shakespeare. He introduced some European Starlings which are now a major problem across the continent. The 100 birds that were released are now more than 200 million.

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            • Oh yes, another brilliant idea. They’re such a pest. They’re not in Hawaii yet though their relative, the common myna, is everywhere here.


            • They’re one of the first summer birds to return in this part of Ontario and it was the same when I lived in Saskatchewan. So they’ve already occupied suitable nest sites before the native birds return.

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