Abstracts: Drying mud

I like seeing how mud puddles dry (I don’t get out much). I like the patterns that the cracks make and how the top layer breaks up into small pieces the eventually get broken up and scattered.

13 thoughts on “Abstracts: Drying mud

    1. Graham Post author

      I don’t ever remember seeing this growing up in England, though that might just be a reflection on my powers of observation back then. But there are plenty of places where mud puddles don’t ever seem to dry. Luckily, here is not one of them.


  1. The Snow Melts Somewhere

    But to be honest, this photo reminded me of dried mud puddles like this which I used to look at with curious child’s eyes back in the 80’s in Australia. (Haven’t seen mud dry like this in Finland). There’s something comforting about it. Earthy.

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