Cat up a tree

A cat up a tree in Hawaii

I heard an uproar from the myna birds in the yard and looked up to see this cat bounding up a tree trunk. It disappeared into the leaves and, shortly after, the mynas flew off in a huff. I took this photo when the cat was on its way down, with nothing to show for its efforts.

Posted in response to Becky’s January Squares challenge theme of ‘Up.’ See more responses here.

15 thoughts on “Cat up a tree

    1. Graham Post author

      Me too. Luckily my last cat thought he was a deadly killer, but was probably the world’s worst hunter. He’d show up once or twice a year with a bird, but I strongly suspect they were ones discarded by the neighbors’ cat, who was an altogether different proposition.

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      1. BeckyB

        Some cats definitely do it on purpose, Septimus certainly sits in the middle of the lawn sometimes just to see if he can wind up the blackbirds by simply being there. if he goes up a tree though either it is because he has the wind up his tail, or he is being daft and thinks he can catch a pigeon at the top

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            1. Graham Post author

              I was housesitting once for friends who had a cat that liked to snooze on top of the TV. One day, he rolled off the front, bounced off the table the TV was on, and landed with a thud. He stood there for a moment, surreptitiously looking around, decided no one had noticed, and padded away. It was so funny and I nearly died keeping a straight face for him.

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