More spinner dolphins

A spinner dolphin off Hawaii
Spinner dolphins off Hawaii

A couple more photos from my dolphin swim at the end March, for Becky’s April Squares challenge theme of ‘Bright.’ (See more responses here.)

Dolphins are bright in a couple of ways. They appear to be quite intelligent. One thing I noticed during this encounter was how much clicking noise the dolphins were making. It was more or less continuous. The clicking is basically the dolphin’s sonar, and it’s how they keep track of each other and their surroundings. It’s very precise and accurate.

Also, the markings of spinner dolphins in Hawaii differ from those elsewhere, which tend to be a more uniform gray. Hawaii’s spinners are only gray on top, with a pearly band along their sides, and a bright white underside, as prominently displayed by the dolphin in the center of the lower photo, showing off for the camera (possibly).

16 thoughts on “More spinner dolphins

  1. Nancy B. Fitch

    Molly and I saw spinner dolphins at a distance on a daily basis when we were in Baja several years ago camped on the beach in an isolated spot. We weren’t close enough to judge coloration. Your dolphins are beautiful.

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    1. Graham Post author

      I was out snorkeling. If you click on the link in the post, the story’s there along with a bunch more photos. It was was wonderful encounter.


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