Sunset from the lanai

Sunset in Hawaii

I took some photos yesterday morning and was looking to see what the final one was for Bushboy’s Last on the Card challenge (see more responses here), when I happened to glance out of the window and saw this splendid sunset in progress. So I dashed outside and got this shot.

While I called this ‘Sunset from the lanai,’ a more accurate title would be ‘Sunset while wobbling unsteadily on the lanai railing.’ This is kind of appropriate since, earlier in the day, I’d had a discussion with someone about the stupid things photographers do to get a shot. In that context, I could just call this ‘Exhibit A.’

12 thoughts on “Sunset from the lanai

    1. Graham Post author

      I can get a decent shot without climbing, but telephone poles and wires intrude. I quite like the view from the rial so I might have to leave my little step stool outside, just to reduce the chances of killing myself!

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