Who, me?

A Gold Dust Day Gecko with a moth in its mouth

Most predators, on land and in the ocean, have a relatively poor success rate when it comes to snagging prey. Even when they’re successful, there’s no guarantee they’ll get to savor their prize.

I don’t know whether this Gold Dust Day Gecko was the one that caught this moth because, an instant after the capture, two or three other geckos swooped down to snatch it. There was a flurry of bodies and this one emerged from the scramble with the moth firmly stashed in its jaws. This look suggests it was guilty of robbery.

11 thoughts on “Who, me?

  1. bushboy

    I like to watch my Geckos around the house stalk and catch moths etc. They are so quick at the last second of the hunt. That one does look guilty indeed Graham 🙂

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  2. Sandy

    Disney & Geico would have us believe that anything so cute must be nice. Little did we know that underneath that cuteness was an avaricious soul. Hmmm. What does that say about the companies??

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