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Kawaihae dirt storm

Kawaihae dirt storm

The winds were blowing here last week, 30+ mph on a consistent basis. But one afternoon the winds picked up even more and triggered dirt storms off the hills above Kawaihae.

The wind whistled down the slope from Kohala Mountain and dry dirt was gathered up, whirled around, and blasted down the slope toward the ocean. This happened for an hour or so. Sometimes, white sand from the beach in Kawaihae harbor was similarly stirred up.

The unfortunate aspect of this display was that it visibly demonstrated the problems with erosion when the ground is dry. If it’s not the wind, then any rainfall washes the soil down gullies and into the ocean. All this dirt being deposited in the relatively shallow waters off the coast degrades the water quality and can have a seriously adverse effect on corals in the area.


Abstracts: Reflections


Reflections in the windows of a helicopter over the ʻAlenuihāhā Channel, between the Big Island and Maui.

Hapuna resort decorations

Hapuna decorations

This is the lobby of the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort on the Kohala coast. Each of the Kohala resort hotels has a version of this look at this time of year.

To be honest, the tree decorations are a little over the top for my taste, not surprising considering I don’t have any decorations or a tree. However, these are minor details. Quibbling about festive decorations misses the point when there’s such a killer view, through the palm trees, over the white sand beach, to the blue Pacific.

Posted in response to this week’s Sunday Stills challenge on the theme of ‘Festive.’ See more offerings here.

Got any change for a gecko?

Gecko in Pepsi machine coin slot

Gecko peers out from Pepsi machine coin slotThis gold dust day gecko lives in this Pepsi machine and several times a day it emerges from the coin return slot to check out its surroundings. Sometimes it ventures farther afield on the machine.

The gecko seems to be doing fine in this environment. I just hope it’s not down there when someone hits the coin return button.

Gecko on a Pepsi machine

Orangespine unicornfish

Orangespine Unicornfish

Orangespine unicornfish, like most unicornfish, tend to look a little grumpy. If they actually get grumpy, they have sharp orange spines at the base of the tail fin that they can use to express their displeasure. This doesn’t mean they’re a dangerous fish, just one not to provoke, which is a good attitude to have to any creature.

The nose has it

Pu'u Wa'awa'a Ram

If I’m ever reincarnated as a ram, this is probably what I’d look like. I already have the nose.



I like how these bright and cheerful flowers grow on the roadsides of the Big Island. Back in Washington State I used to grow them as annuals in my garden.


Mango flower beetle

Mango flower beetle

This mango flower beetle wasn’t on a mango flower, but on a basil plant. It wasn’t exactly lost though. A giant mango tree looms over the deck where the basil plant is growing.