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Abstracts: Goatfish

Juvenile goatfish gather in quite large shoals close to shore. Sometimes they rest on the bottom, sometimes hang in the water. I like the formations they make as they hover above the sandy bottom, studded with coral and rocks.

Hualalai and Pu'u Ahumoa

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Peace.’ See more offerings here.

I’ve always found looking down on clouds gives me a peaceful feeling. Those fluffy balls of cotton wool look like they would make a comfy resting place. The irony is that those clouds may actually conceal roiling, turbulent air currents that are anything but peaceful, but let’s not allow reality to spoil the image.

This cloud layer blanketed the saddle between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. The two peaks poking above the clouds are, in the foreground, Pu’u Ahumoa, and in the background, Hualalai.

Reflective praying mantis

This praying mantis landed on a vehicle window and instantly became reflective. Perhaps it was feeling introspective. Perhaps it has multiple personalities. Perhaps it’s just trying to get away from me.

Bullethead blenny

I watched a trio of bullethead blennies zipping back and forth, apparently in some sort of territorial dispute. This one appeared to be the winner and when it rested, momentarily, on its laurels, I snapped this photo.

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary entrance

This is the entrance to Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. It’s on a narrow road with trees on both sides so there’s only a short time when the sun hits these plants. I’ve driven by many times when it was dark or in the shade. Other times, when the sun was right, I didn’t have my camera. But I really wanted to get a photo of the plantings with the sun on them.

On this day I had my camera, stopped the car, and took a couple of photos. I’m glad I did because shortly after this, a tall, purple banner was placed in the center of the plants. Depending on one’s point of view, this banner is either lovely or a garish eyesore. It certainly removed my desire to take any more photos.

The sanctuary itself is a great spot. For more information about Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, go to

Saffron finch in a monkeypod tree

Monkeypod trees are renowned for their spread, creating large shady areas below. They also provide habitat for many birds including this saffron finch, enjoying a rest in the relative cool of the lower branches.

Orangespine unicornfish

A small group of boldly-marked orangespine unicornfish putter in the shallows.

Signs: Practice makes perfect

I was hiking in Kalopa Native Forest State Park when I came across the trail sign above. Nothing too remarkable about that, but I happened to notice the back side of the sign (top left), which showed that getting the sign right took a bit of practice.

On a subsequent visit, I noticed that the back of sign at the other end of the trail (bottom left) had also seen a rejected first effort.