Ocean, sky, clouds, and noddys

Yesterday, I was processing photos I’d taken over the past few days. When I saw this one, I thought, ‘I could have used that on Sunday,’ when responding to the Sunday Stills challenge theme of ‘Sky’ (more responses here), and Becky’s July Squares challenge theme of ‘Perspective’ (more responses here). Usually, when I’m in the […]

The night sky

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Sky.’ See more responses here. My camera isn’t the greatest for taking photos at night, but I’m not smart enough to stop doing so. In part, that’s because, on a clear night, the sky over the Big Island is a veritable star-spangled banner, as in the top photo. […]

Green turtle diving

I first saw this turtle taking air at the surface. Then it dived an disappeared under a shelf of rock. This photo gives the impression of the sea floor sloping, but there is no horizon underwater and I like how this angle emphasizes the turtle’s descent. Posted in response to Becky’s July Squares challenge theme […]

Abstracts: Blur

I had a relapse a few days ago, lured into shooting photos of butterflies on the wing, or should I say, trying to shoot. As the butterflies jitterbugged around, I followed them with my camera, even though I know how futile that can be. The result, predictably, was zero photos of butterflies in flight but, […]

Little fish

A shoal of small fish stretch away into the distance. I think these are juveniles but I’m not sure of which fish. They’re small and silvery and zip around in a harmonious way, changing direction as if connected by invisible wires. Posted in response to Becky’s July Squares challenge theme of ‘Perspective.’ See more responses […]