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Bougainvillea bloom


A Bougainvillea spectabilis putting on a show amongst some otherwise scrubby grass and shrubs. Not a native plant, but common in Hawaii. Pretty much anything grows in Hawaii, which is good on the one hand, but a nightmare when the plants involved are introduced and invasive.
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Anole snags a bug

Anole lunch

Anole snags a bug

Got you.

Anole snags a bug

Let’s go for a spin.

Anole snags a bug

That’s good eating.

Anole snags a bug

Well, I enjoyed it.


This green anole has snagged a bug for lunch. He looks pretty pleased with the situation. Not sure the bug shared that opinion.

Monk seal resting

Monk seal on the rocks


Hawaiian monk seals are endemic to Hawaii. They’re a critically endangered species, with a current population of only 1,100. Most live in the northwestern atolls with about 200 around the main Hawaiian islands. Many seals can be identified either by a tag in their hind flippers or by a number bleached on sides. This seal is IO5 who has never been bleached, but still has a remnant of a tag to help identify him. Monk seals are most often seen on beaches or sheltered ledges, such as this one, when they haul out to rest.
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