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At sunset, the sky and water display a slowly-changing palette of pastels.

Sunset pastels

An old boat hull beside the road to Waipi'o beach.

Better Days: Waipi’o boat

Kilauea lava reaches the ocean in the pre-dawn light.

Kilauea lava reaches the ocean – part 2

Kilauea lava pours into ocean as people watch from the cliff

Kilauea lava reaches the ocean – part 1

A supermale bird wrasse.

Bird wrasse

Tree Tobacco (Nicotiana glauca) heralds from South America, but in Hawaii, it’s an invasive species.

Tree tobacco

Colors and patterns on the wing of a black witch moth.

Abstracts: Moth wing

A great frigatebird angles into the winds of tropical storm Darby.

Great frigatebirds meet Tropical Storm Darby