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The I’iwi (vestiaria coccinea) is a native Hawaiian honeycreeper


A kipuka on the Pu'u O'o trail off Saddle Road on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Pu’u O’o trail

When the sun catches a scrawled filefish right, its blue scribbles shine in the water.

Scrawled filefish

Maui and Kohala Mountain as seen from Pu'u Ahumoa on the lower slopes of Mauna Kea.

The view from from Pu’u Ahumoa

two Hawaiian sea turtles look like an impressionist painting as they swim underwater

Abstracts: Impressionist photo of Hawaiian sea turtles

A clump of Beechey bamboo on the Big Island of Hawaii

Beechey bamboo

The sun sets off to the side of Hualalai volcano as seen from old Saddle Road on the Big Island of Hawaii

Saddle Road sunset

A wave looks just like a mountain

Mountain of water