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The octopus tree (Schefflera actinophylla) is also known as the he’e tree in Hawaii.

Octopus tree

A stand of trees, off Old Saddle Road, is silhouetted by early morning sunlight.

Silhouetted trees

A spectacled parrotfish catches the sunlight.

Spectacled parrotfish

A green anole surveys the scene from a ti leaf.

Green anole on ti leaf

Banana plants thrive in heavy tropical rain.

Bananas in the rain

Looking up at light and shadows playing on a Hapu’u fern.

Abstracts: Hapu’u fern

Lava from Kilauea’s Pu’u O’o vent pours into the ocean.

Fire from the volcano

This mare and her foal were among several horses in a pasture alongside Old Saddle Road.

Mare and foal