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A view through a window of the Painted Church at Honaunau

Painted Church windows

There are several plants known as zebra plant, all with strongly patterned foliage. This one is Calathea zebrina var. humilior,

Zebra plant

A view from the window of an old building on the Pu’u Wa’awa’a trail.

Old Pu’u Wa’awa’a blockhouse view

A male spotted boxfish in the water off the Big Island of Hawaii.

Spotted boxfish

A view of Maui from North Kohala.

Maui view

In Kailua Kona, this electronic sign flashes “Emergency Water Restriction” and “Stop Sprinkler Use.”

Signs: Water shortage

In the absence of anything to indicate scale, this photo could be seen as anything from a large reservoir during a drought all the way down to a small puddle drying out.

Drought-stricken reservoir or drying puddle?

A green anole surveys his territory from the edge of a roof.

Green anole keeping watch