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Ashy grey lady beetle bumping along

Ashy Grey Lady Beetle

Ashy Grey Lady Beetle climbingPhotographing lady beetles is always a bit hit and miss. When I see them, they tend to be scurrying along the edge of a leaf or up the stalk of a plant. They whip around a corner of the leaf and zip down the underside, then back onto the stalk. I’m always reminded of bumper cars, though I’ve never seen two lady beetles bang into each other in that way. That’s a photo I’d love to get.

This little bumper beetle is an ashy grey lady beetle and it was motoring around in typically industrious fashion.

Abstracts: Tiny fish

Abstracts-Tiny Fish

A photo of some colored lava rocks. But wait. Why are there tiny fish among those rocks? No, they’re not skittering about on minuscule legs, a living proof of evolutionary theory. Instead, they’re swimming in very shallow, very clear water near the edge of a freshwater-fed pool, just inland from Akahu Kaimu Bay, south of Waikoloa Resort.

On my last hike along that stretch of coast, I stopped here for a refreshing dip. The entry to the pool was over these somewhat rough lava rocks. While I was feeling my way across them, these little fish seemed greatly interested in my feet, which suggests life in the pool must be very dull indeed.

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Storm cloud over Kohala Mountains

Storm cloud over Kohala Mountains

Driving down old Saddle Road, one late afternoon, I saw this dramatic storm cloud sliding down the side of Kohala Mountain. Later, when I headed over the mountain road, I saw the cloud had settled over Kawaihae, dumping rain over the normally desert dry area.

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Someone’s having a bad feather day

Hawaiian Coot with misplace feather

Hawaiian CootThis Hawaiian coot looked surprised to discover a wayward feather in its otherwise immaculate plumage (above). Several attempts to corral the unruly feather failed, leaving the bird with a distinctly grumpy look (right). But a solution was found (below). Time for a stylish V for Victory lap around the pond.

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Hawaiian Coot with two misplaced feathers

Inter-island barge entering Kawaihae harbor

Tug and Barge

Tug and Barge entering Kawaihae harborOne of the inter-island barges enters Kawaihae harbor on a calm, clear morning. The barges are a prime method for moving freight between the islands, with Honolulu being the hub of all the operations.

The water isn’t always this calm. It can get very rough, very quickly, particularly crossing the channels between the different islands.

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Tug and Barge in Kawaihae Harbor