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A tiny jellyfish floats in the waters off the Big Island of Hawaii.

Abstracts: Jellyfish

This pair of yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles were waiting for something at Pana‘ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens

Abstracts: Yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles

These little fish were swimming in Kiholo Bay.

Abstracts: Little fish

Looking up at light and shadows playing on a Hapu’u fern.

Abstracts: Hapu’u fern

This caladium leaf is all bold shapes and colors.

Abstracts: Caladium leaf

A pair of yellow tang graze on algae growing on rocks in shallow water.

Abstracts: Yellow tang in shallow water

A branch floats in the water off the Big Island of Hawaii

Abstracts: Floating branch

An agave catches a fallen mango.

Abstracts: Mango and agave