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A green turtle takes on a different appearance as it swims through the waters of Kiholo Bay.

Abstracts: A wavy green turtle

An undulating eel disappears into a patch of coral.

Abstracts: Disappearing eel

A bluff formed by heavy rain.

Abstracts: Bluff

An electric substation in the late afternoon light.

Abstracts: Electric substation

Cattle trails wander through pastureland on Kohala Mountain.

Abstracts: Kohala grass

A tiny jellyfish floats in the waters off the Big Island of Hawaii.

Abstracts: Jellyfish

This pair of yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles were waiting for something at Pana‘ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens

Abstracts: Yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles

These little fish were swimming in Kiholo Bay.

Abstracts: Little fish