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A green anole surveys his territory from the edge of a roof.

Green anole keeping watch

In this view of Mauna Kea from the Pu’u O’o Trail, the trees of a kipuka, clouds rolling over the saddle, and the bulk of the mountain create a layered effect.

Mauna Kea view

The plumage of birds at rest often has a wonderful layered look to it. This zebra dove is no exception.

Zebra dove plumage

A stareye parrotfish in the waters off the Big Island of Hawaii.

Stareye parrotfish

The trail to Honokane Nui Valley passes through tree-shaded clearings, tropical-leafed tunnels, and bamboo canyons.

Trail to Honokane Nui Valley

A tiny jellyfish floats in the waters off the Big Island of Hawaii.

Abstracts: Jellyfish

A mourning gecko drinks at a bird of paradise flower.

Mourning gecko on bird of paradise flower

Vireya rhododendrons grow well on the Big Island and have beautiful flowers.

Vireya rhododendron