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A mourning gecko drinks at a bird of paradise flower.

Mourning gecko on bird of paradise flower

Vireya rhododendrons grow well on the Big Island and have beautiful flowers.

Vireya rhododendron

Coconut palms stretch upward to the blue Hawaiian sky.

Reach for the sky

This Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Star Dancer Orchid shows the unique structure of orchid flowers.

Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Star Dancer Orchid

The bright, furry flowers of a chenille plant catch the eye.

Chenille plant

The octopus tree (Schefflera actinophylla) is also known as the he’e tree in Hawaii.

Octopus tree

A stand of trees, off Old Saddle Road, is silhouetted by early morning sunlight.

Silhouetted trees

A green anole surveys the scene from a ti leaf.

Green anole on ti leaf