Threadfin jack juveniles

A pair of Threadfin Jack juveniles swim in the waters off the Big Island of Hawaii

Adult threadfin jack are large, stocky, deepwater fish and rarely seen. Juvenile threadfins aren’t seen often either, even though they spend their time in shallow waters. One reason for this is that they don’t appear in great numbers. Another is that they’re easy to miss in the often stirred-up shallows. When they are seen, many people see their long, wavering filaments and think they’re jellyfish (I did the first time I saw one).

If the juveniles are to be seen, this is time of year for it. I’ve been looking out for them for a few weeks without success. Then, a few days ago, my wife saw one. A couple of days later, in the same area, we got in the water and saw one, then another, then a third. The water was quite murky and the threadfins quickly shimmied off among the rocks.

I managed to snap a couple of photos, but wasn’t sure the fish were even in the frame because they were hard to see on the camera screen. So I was thrilled that one of the photos had captured these two as they swam by. Hopefully, they’ll be around a few more weeks before they head out to deeper water, so I’ll get to see them again.


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