Abstracts: Coral patch on sand

Abstracts-Coral patch on sand

A lone patch of coral stands out on the sandy ocean floor. Such areas tend to have less fish, presumably because they are more exposed. On the plus side, anything that is swimming in such areas is easier to spot.


Bees on haole koa

Haole koa is the local term for Leucaena leucocephala. It means ‘foreign acacia koa.’ Acacia koa is a native hardwood tree that has been used in building everything from guitars to canoes.

Haole koa got its name because it looks similar to young acacia koa trees. It also looks similar to kiawe, but lacks the vicious thorns of that tree.

This is the time of year that haole koa trees flower and their white flower heads look like puff balls. These are popular with the bees, which were swarming all over a small group of haole koa trees just a few days ago.

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When worlds collide

These two stores have been neighbors for a while in downtown Hawi. Star Light features ‘Crystals & Treasures’ and ‘Spiritual Guidance Readings & Sessions.’

Hawaii Cigar & Ukelele is a new combination at this spot, but the cigar part of it has been there since I’ve lived here and probably for much longer. In the last few months the store has been promoting its CBD (Cannabidiol) products and it might be this that has fractured the fraught relationship between these neighbors.

Hopefully, the pending relocation will leave all parties happy and the spirit of aloha will return to the downtown area.

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Lone fisherman

A lone fisherman tries his luck in the coastal waters off North Kohala.

Red Admiral butterfly

The Red Admiral butterfly is a European native that arrived in Hawaii in the late 1800s. Despite the longevity of its time in Hawaii, it’s a butterfly that isn’t seen a lot. This is the first one I’ve seen in six plus years here. I was on my way to go snorkeling when I noticed it and, of course, I was immediately distracted and snapped a couple of photos before it disappeared from view.

Anthurium cupulispathum

Anthurium cupulispathum is a large-leafed anthurium with a long, hanging spadex. The little dots on the spadex are seeds. The plant originally hails from Equador.

Yellow gray chub

This fish is a gray chub, so why is it yellow? That’s a question with no good answer. Locals used to think that yellow-colored chubs were ‘queens’ of their schools, but there’s no evidence to support that. Instead, it’s regarded as simply a color variation, seen in a few fish, that is without significance. This is the first one of these I’ve seen.

Gray chubs’ usual coloration can be seen in the photo below.

A gray chub in the waters off the Big Island

Large orange sulphur butterfly

Orange sulphur butterfly

A large orange sulphur butterfly feeds on a bougainvillea. This was one of the few butterflies I’ve seen on a flowering bougainvillea. Not sure whether that’s usual or not.