It’s bright, it’s white, it’s Sunday Stills

Surf rushes ashore at Upolu, Hawaii
A cattle egret waits in a fountain
The turbines of Hawi wind farm with Mauna Kea in the background

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘White.’ See more responses here.

In the top photo, frothy surf barrels ashore at Upolu in North Kohala. Below that, a cattle egret surveys the scene in the middle of a water fountain. The third photo shows turbines at Hawi Wind Farm against a backdrop of snowy Mauna Kea. And the bottom photo features a bee collecting on a Maiapilo flower.

A bee forages on a Maiapilo flower

ʻAnaehoʻomalu Bay beach revisited

The beach at A Bay, Waikoloa

Back in August of 2020 I posted some photos of a walk I did along ʻAnaehoʻomalu Bay beach (here). The top photo in this post was taken at that time. As you might remember, this was during the time the island, and all of Hawaii, was more or less shut down to visitors. Consequently, this popular beach was almost deserted.

Last week, I thought I’d revisit the scene and took a late afternoon walk along that stretch of coast. The bottom photo shows a scene from the same end of the beach as the top photo. It was actually less busy than I expected, but still considerably more than my previous visit.

The beach at ʻAnaehoʻomalu Bay in Hawaii

Sonoran Carpenter Bee

A Sonoran Carpenter Bee clambers through agave attenuata flowers
A Sonoran Carpenter Bee clambers through agave attenuata flowers

I saw this female Sonoran Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa sonorina) in an Agave Attenuata and at first thought she was dead. But when I went out to look, she moved a bit, then burrowed deeper into the plants and disappeared from sight. I saw her three days in a row on the same plant and then she must have moved on. I’m not sure exactly what she was doing there. She didn’t appear to be collecting pollen but might have been doing so, albeit very slowly!

Abutilon Red Tiger

An Abutilon Red Tiger flower in Hawaii
An Abutilon Red Tiger flower in Hawaii
Abutilon Red Tiger flowers in Hawaii

I noticed these gorgeous flowers when I went to get my hair cut. Abutilon Red Tiger is a hybrid shrub that does well in Hawaii. it’s sometimes called Lantern Flower or Chinese Lantern, though that name is also used for other plants.

The future’s so bright

A lion statue with a air of sunglasses

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Future.’ See more responses here. While I rummaged around for ideas, the song ‘The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades’ by Timbuk 3 played in my head (link). So I thought I might as well go with that.

I had planned on featuring an array of sunglasses I have, but then I forgot to take them with me when I went to take photos. Besides, I discovered I no longer have the pair of red ‘Deathwish’ sunglasses I found several years ago, so my heart wasn’t in that project.

Instead, here’s a very upbeat lion enjoying a day on the South Kohala coast.