Storm cloud over Kohala Mountains

Storm cloud over Kohala Mountains

Driving down old Saddle Road, one late afternoon, I saw this dramatic storm cloud sliding down the side of Kohala Mountain. Later, when I headed over the mountain road, I saw the cloud had settled over Kawaihae, dumping rain over the normally desert dry area.

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Tropical stream

Tropical Stream

Boulder Creek Falls on the Alakahi Stream in Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is lined with ferns and other tropical plants. It’s one of the quieter parts of the garden and a nice place to rest a while and enjoy the scenery. Mosquito repellent is advised.

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Someone’s having a bad feather day

Hawaiian Coot with misplace feather

Hawaiian CootThis Hawaiian coot looked surprised to discover a wayward feather in its otherwise immaculate plumage (above). Several attempts to corral the unruly feather failed, leaving the bird with a distinctly grumpy look (right). But a solution was found (below). Time for a stylish V for Victory lap around the pond.

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Hawaiian Coot with two misplaced feathers

Small gold dust day gecko in the rain

Small gold dust day gecko in the rain

A very young gold dust day gecko looks around on a ti leaf covered in raindrops. It has to stay alert or it will lose more than just the tip of its tail that it’s lost already.

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Inter-island barge entering Kawaihae harbor

Tug and Barge

Tug and Barge entering Kawaihae harborOne of the inter-island barges enters Kawaihae harbor on a calm, clear morning. The barges are a prime method for moving freight between the islands, with Honolulu being the hub of all the operations.

The water isn’t always this calm. It can get very rough, very quickly, particularly crossing the channels between the different islands.

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Tug and Barge in Kawaihae Harbor

Kids these days

Kid goats

Kid goatYoung goats on the 1871 Trail heading south from Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park, looking youthfully perky and mischievous.

Medinilla alata ‘Lalique’

Medinilla Alata 'Lalique'

Medinilla alata ‘Lalique’ is also known as chandelier plant, although I’ve seen that name given to other similar looking plants as well. It hails from either Indonesia or the Philippines, depending on who you ask. either way, it’s a delicate, but beautiful flower,

This one was at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden near Hilo.

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Resting bus driver

Resting bus driver

I was heading out of the parking lot after a recent hike, when I noticed this bus with its front door and cargo doors open. I realized I was looking at a pair of feet in the cargo bay and saw what was presumably the bus driver, taking a rest on a folding bed in his unusual bedroom. Nice and shady – check. Breeze funneling through the open passage – check. Better watch out for those tootsies though. They’re catching the sun.