That look

A green anole looking grumpy in Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Frosty.’ See more responses here.

Since there’s not a lot of frost on the ground around here, I thought I’d go with the frosty look I got when I pointed my camera at this green anole, which currently lives under the eaves.

Better Days: Dead bull

A dead bull is visited by cattle egrets

I came across this bull a while back on one of my walks. At that time, the area had not had rain for ages and the fields were dry and barren. I don’t know whether that was the cause for its demise or whether something else was happened. Either way, the cattle egrets weren’t too bothered, checking out the corpse for insects. The bull was gone the next day, and not because it got better.

A day on the tiles

A Mourning Gecko on a tile floor

I saw this mourning gecko on the lanai tiles of my neighbor’s now empty house. Mourning geckos are mostly nocturnal, but are sometimes seen during the day, though usually not in such an exposed location. This one is a female. I say that with some confidence because almost all mourning geckos are females. They reproduce by parthenogenesis, which is where an egg or sperm doesn’t have to combine with another egg or sperm for an embryo to develop.

Posted for Bushboy’s Last on the Card photo challenge. See more responses here.

When it rains…

Heavy rain falling in Hawaii

A few days ago, we had another unstable weather system pass over this part of the island, dumping rain, flashing lightening, and rattling the house with one roll of thunder after another. I snuck outside in my ongoing attempts to capture heavy rainfall without ending up drenched in the process. As usual the results were mixed on both counts!