A yucca plant blooms.The blooms of a yucca plant.

This yucca plant grows beside the road into Waimea. I don’t know exactly which yucca it is, but it’s blooming now. I particularly like the contrasting textures of the soft, creamy flowers and spiky leaves.


5 thoughts on “Yucca

  1. For a while, I had 49 of the 50 identified specie of yucca (although not the varieties). I could identify just about any of them. However, it is hard to say what this yucca is because it is growing in a very different climate. I would guess that it is simple Yucca gloriosa, but mine never looked like that.


    • Thanks for stopping by. It could well be that. Where I used to live, I volunteered at a nursery and they were great for identifying plants. Much harder for me without that resource.


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