Kona airport

A couple of photos from a recent too-early foray to Kona airport. Above, passengers ooze out of the crowded toothpaste-tube-with-engines that is the modern passenger jet. The airport is still relatively small and open (though ongoing improvements will likely eradicate much of that charm) and, yes, many of those passengers are wearing shorts and a shirt at 6 a.m..

Below is one of the airport’s boarding areas. Busy during the day, at this hour only a few still-sleepy people mill about waiting for the restaurant to open and the first plane of the day to arrive.

Memo to self: It doesn’t matter how early you get up, it doesn’t matter how fast you drive, and it doesn’t matter what time you get to the airport. Until TSA starts work you’re not going anywhere.

In response to WPC ‘A face in the crowd.’

8 thoughts on “Kona airport

    1. Graham Post author

      It is a cool airport. The gates each have a little grass roof over them, but I think the plan is for a regular terminal with two levels so planes can embark passengers direct from the terminal without having to wheel out a ramp. A loss in my view.
      It is always warm (even if it can feel chilly once you’ve lived here a while). Shorts and a light shirt are standard attire, even for business people. That’s good for me since sartorial choices are not my strong suit – to put it mildly.

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            1. Graham Post author

              I have cable internet and have been very happy with that. It’s mostly been reliable and when it does go down, they fix it quickly. If you have other Big Island questions, why don’t you send me an email (grahamsisland@outlook.com) and I’ll be happy to provide what info that I can.

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