Abstracts: Tiny fish

Abstracts-Tiny Fish

A photo of some colored lava rocks. But wait. Why are there tiny fish among those rocks? No, they’re not skittering about on minuscule legs, a living proof of evolutionary theory. Instead, they’re swimming in very shallow, very clear water near the edge of a freshwater-fed pool, just inland from Akahu Kaimu Bay, south of Waikoloa Resort.

On my last hike along that stretch of coast, I stopped here for a refreshing dip. The entry to the pool was over these somewhat rough lava rocks. While I was feeling my way across them, these little fish seemed greatly interested in my feet, which suggests life in the pool must be very dull indeed.

Posted in response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge ‘Liquid.’

7 thoughts on “Abstracts: Tiny fish

    1. Graham Post author

      No smoke up here. Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea are in the way. I guess if it throws up another ash cloud to 30,000 feet it could be seen from here, but only if the sky was completely clear which is not too likely.

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