Hawaiian zebra blennies and padina japonica

Hawaiian Zebra blennies and Padina japonica

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of a dead blenny floating in a tide pool filled with ‘delicate creamy shells.’ Recently, I returned to that area and I realized that the creamy shells were not shells, but something growing.

It turns out they’re a kind of seaweed, padina japonica, which both surprised and delighted me, since I think of seaweed as being stringy and brown. I learn something every day.

To celebrate, I went back and took some more photos, including these two Hawaiian zebra blennies, both very much alive, and both as delightful as the seaweed, with their little blue dots under the eyes and those oh-so-charming expressions.

Thanks to Jeanne at http://hawaiinaturejournal.weebly.com/ for help with the padina japonica identification.

Hawaiian Zebra blennies with Padina japonica

3 thoughts on “Hawaiian zebra blennies and padina japonica

    1. Graham Post author

      I like blennies too! And it as fascinating to learn about the seaweed. One of the side benefits of photography and the blog is that I continue to learn all kinds of stuff.

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