How long is a zebra moray eel?

Zebra Moray Eel

Zebra moray eels are one of the easiest eels to identify, their circular stripes differentiating them from any other eel. They feed mostly on crabs, which they crush with their blunt teeth.

These eels can grow to five feet in length, but are usually smaller. This one though is probably about as large as they get. The yellow tang near its head could be as long as six or seven inches, while the saddle wrasse at its tail tops out at ten inches. That would make this eel somewhere between four and five feet long. It’s certainly the biggest zebra moray that I’ve seen.

7 thoughts on “How long is a zebra moray eel?

    • I wouldn’t say unusual simply because when they’re concealed I don’t see them! I most often see whitemouth moray eels lodged in some coral or rock, but with the head and part of their body sticking out. But I also see them swimming and that’s the same for zebra morays and other eels. One clue for spotting eels is that they often hunt with bluefin trevallys and/or various goatfish, so if I see a couple of those fish hanging around an area I always stop, and most of the time an eel will soon appear.

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