Full moon

Full Moon

A shot of a recent full moon not long before it set in the early hours of the morning.

12 thoughts on “Full moon

  1. Lovely colours and definition. I have the same camera and I love once I got used to using some manual settings. It is remarkably versatile and portable. I bought it for its low light capabilities. I do find it a bit disappointing for macro shots though. Do you find that too?

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    • Agree on the versatility and the macro, though I suspect some of the problem there is me. I have a hard time getting close enough without casting a giant shadow or scaring the subject away. Actually, I think you take better photos with your camera. They look consistently sharp with rich colors. I know I’m guilty of pushing the zoom more than I should, but I find it hard to resist. My strength is taking a whole lot of photos so that some of them surely have to turn out decent!

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