Monk seal resting in a tide pool

Monk seal resting with fish

Monk seal restingMonk seals are endangered and only a handful regularly live in the waters around the Big Island. The seal in these photos is one of these and I’m lucky enough to see him on a regular if not always frequent basis. When I do see him, it’s not unusual for him to be submerged in a tide pool as he was on this day.

Sometimes, when there’s been rain, the tide pool will be brown with runoff and all I see is this body with its head submerged. When I first saw this, I wondered if the seal had drowned, but since a monk seal can hold it’s breath for 20 minutes or more I know that’s not what’s going on.

What I like on this occasion, was the little fish (seen above) swimming around the seal’s head and through his whiskers. I like to think it was wondering what the heck this giant lump was that had suddenly taken up most of the space in its pool.

9 thoughts on “Monk seal resting in a tide pool

        1. Graham Post author

          If their head’s underwater, yes. If they’re stretched out on the rocks, or in a shallow pool, they seem to sleep longer. I’ve seen IO5 a lot and sometimes I wonder if he’s dead because he doesn’t move at all.

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            1. Graham Post author

              A monk seal’s main predators are sharks, so resting on land is a secure spot. This particular seal, which I see quite regularly, has a certain swagger to him, as though not much worries him.

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