A blob of black triggerfish

I saw these black triggerfish clustered in a very tight ball and wondered if they were feeding or being fed upon. Many of the triggerfish were showing colors that indicate arousal or agitation, but I didn’t see anything conclusive either way and my attention was quickly distracted when I saw this mysterious tube.

11 thoughts on “A blob of black triggerfish

        1. Graham Post author

          As an ex newspaper employee I’ve learned not to let typos bother me too much, but friends who were copy editors, would cringe at every error that crept in. Auto-corrects though are an abomination. The computer telling me what it should be and getting it wrong most of the time. No thanks.

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          1. naturebackin

            Perhaps unwise to confess this, but amongst other things, I have done time as a copy editor … Re auto-corrects they can be useful but some of the socalled corrections can seem bizarre and proof reading can be quite disconcerting!

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            1. Graham Post author

              Once a copy editor, always a copy editor! By that, I mean it’s hard to not have the kind of attention to detail that the job entails. Personally, I am much in favor of copy editors and regret, in their absence, the slapdash quality of most stuff on the internet – some of it mine.

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            2. Graham Post author

              Well, I hope it’s not slapdash, but I know errors creep in. It goes with the territory. I’ve read books with typos, quality publications with errors. Doesn’t matter how many eyes look at it, something can always sneak threw (ha ha).

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