Tulip tree

Tulip trees (Spathodea campanulata) were introduced from tropical Africa. When blooming the flowers can be red, orange, or yellow. Tulip trees can grow to be very tall, up to 80 feet, and with their prolific, vibrant flowers they’re easy trees to spot in otherwise largely green forests. Newly fallen flowers also look great on a lawn.

2 thoughts on “Tulip tree

  1. naturebackin

    We get these here in SA too, where they are regarded as exotic (as from further north in Africa) and in warmer summer rainfall areas they can be invasive. I was interested to see the one in your photo with mustard-coloured flowers. Here I have only seen them with flame-coloured flowers, and in fact they are commonly referred to as the African flame. The flowers are spectacular.

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    1. Graham Post author

      I’ve heard that African flame name before. We do get the different colors here, which I quite like. They’re actually a bit invasive here, doing very well as many imports to Hawaii do.

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