For whatever reason, I don’t see a lot of windsurfers in the waters around the Big Island. This is a bit surprising as there’s lots of water and the wind blows with a good deal of enthusiasm. Perhaps it’s just that most people favor surfing or paddle boarding.

Whatever the reason, I thought I should get photos of this windsurfer working his way along the coast near Kawaihae, since it might be a while before I see the like again.

Posted in response to this week’s Friendly Friday challenge on the theme of ‘Moving.’ See more responses here.

9 thoughts on “Windsurfer

  1. Forestwood

    This actually makes for a very photogenic subject. The blue background of the water seems like the perfect harmounious contrast.

    Btw, I am intrigued. What did it say previous to Friendly Friday challenge?

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    1. Graham Post author

      Windsurfers are usually pretty colorful, which is nice for photography. It said ‘Sunday Stills challenge.’ It’s in a line I copy and paste, but this time I forgot to correct the name after I’d done so.

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