Beach at Hualalai

This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Simple Joys.’ See more responses here.

This is one of the beaches at Hualalai Resort on the Kona coast. While the resort is private and access is restricted, Hawaii law states stipulates that the public has a right of access along the beaches and shorelines in the state situated below the “upper reaches of the wash of the waves.”

Any developments along the shore are required to provide designated public access points. The catch here is that sometimes parking at these places is limited and if it’s full, getting to the beach involves a much longer walk.

At Hualalai, there’s a good-sized parking lot, an easy walk to the coast, and a paved trail along the waterfront. Some beaches can be quite crowded but, in my experience, it doesn’t take much of a walk to find a stretch of sand that is either sparsely populated or entirely deserted. And in my book, walking along the coast, past palm trees and sandy beaches, is definitely a simple joy.

12 thoughts on “Beach at Hualalai

    1. Graham Post author

      Agreed. Public access to the coast is so important. Hualalai is really pretty good. This beach was a bit of a walk, but there’s another equally inviting one at the end of the short walk from the parking lot.

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    1. Graham Post author

      Ironically, I’m not really a beach person in that I don’t spend time stretched out sunbathing. But I love walking along the coast, whether sand or rocks, exploring, and watching the birds and turtles and whatever else my eye lights on.

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