Full moon

This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Nighttime.’ See more responses here.

Here’s a shot of the recent full moon as it topped the hedge bordering my backyard.

Also posted in response to Becky’s April Squares challenge theme of ‘Top.’ See more responses here.

25 thoughts on “Full moon

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    1. Graham Post author

      F/4 and 1/160. I took a few shots where the moon mostly filled the frame and this was the best of them. I think the variation between the shots was due to the effect of the clouds on the moonlight, but it could also have been something else entirely!


        1. Graham Post author

          The spam thing is annoying. It’s not a big deal if there’s not much actually spam, but I’ve had times when I was getting pages of the stuff and it took forever to wade through.


      1. BeckyB

        We think it is because I am visiting so many fellow bloggers and leaving comments. Once you have taken me out it seems I tend to stay out for at least a week or so . . .so fingers crossed I will!

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