Snowflake moray eel

I saw this fairly small snowflake moray eel sliding over and around a shallow rocky area recently. Often times, eels will vanish into barely visible holes in the reef, but this one stayed in sight for quite a while before doing so. I like how, in the top photo, it’s peeking out to see if I’m still there.

Snowflake eels are probably the prettiest eels to be seen in the waters around here.


6 thoughts on “Snowflake moray eel

    1. Graham Post author

      I’d have been with you looking at leopards, but the eels are fascinating, the way they swim and hunt and cram themselves into tiny spaces in the coral or rocks. I’ve yet to see one catch anything, but they obviously must be reasonably successful.

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    1. Graham Post author

      Like most eels, their color can vary, but they’re definitely on the light side. There are a few other light eels around here, but unlike the snowflake, they’re not active during the day.


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