Red-crested cardinal

My bird book says that the red-crested cardinal is present on all Hawaii’s islands except the Big Island. That’s no longer the case, as these photos attest.

Adults are similar in appearance, but juveniles, such as the bird in the lower photo, have a brown head and a darker bill. A native of South America, it was introduced to Hawaii in the 1930s.

7 thoughts on “Red-crested cardinal

  1. David M

    A common problem with bird books and field guides in general. They can be out of date when they go to print. The biggest problem at the moment is the number of species being given new scientific and/or common English names as biologists test the DNA and the species ends up being reclassified.

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    1. Graham Post author

      You’re right about books, but I like that it highlights how quickly things can change. Reclassification must be a real pain for you with so many bird photos in your archives.


      1. David M

        There’s hundreds, possibly thousands, of slides in my film archives that are now captioned with the old scientific and/or common English names. I used to be able to caption quite a few species of birds without having to check the scientific name but a large proportion of the ones stuck in my brain are now wrong.

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