Lawn mower egret

Cattle egrets will follow anything that stirs up insects and other small creatures in the grass. Typically, they hang out with cattle, horses and sheep, but they’ll also flock to the scene when anyone fires up a lawn mower. They trot along behind the mower, gleaning tasty tidbits from among the grass clippings.

It’s not all easy pickings though. As in the top photo, they have to be alert for when the mower swings around and roars back toward them.

4 thoughts on “Lawn mower egret

  1. naturebackin

    Lovely birds to see around and they can seem to be somewhat comical. Cattle egrets are indigenous to SA and when I was a kid they were common in the suburbs here, but not any more for some reason. They are still around in the farmlands and the nature reserves though.

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