A whitetip reef shark cruising

A whitetip reef shark cruises off the Big Island, Hawaii

It’s been a while since I last saw a shark (cue seeing one this morning!) so I thought I’d post a couple of photos to remind myself what they look like.

This whitetip reef shark was cruising back and forth at the foot of a rocky ledge, possibly looking for a recess where it could rest.

8 thoughts on “A whitetip reef shark cruising

    1. Graham Post author

      It’s awesome to see them, though the first one or two I saw freaked me out a bit. But reef sharks are more curious than dangerous so I’ve never felt threatened.

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    1. Graham Post author

      When I first saw a shark resting I thought I must be mistaken since I thought sharks had to keep moving constantly. But some sharks, including these reef sharks, do rest. They often rest in the same spot each day. There’s one place I snorkel where I always stop by this little cave to see if the resident shark is home. Usually it is!



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