Small spotted eagle ray

A small spotted eagle ray swims in the waters off Hawaii

A few days ago, returning from a swim, I ran into this little eagle ray not far from shore. It’s probably the smallest one I’ve seen, with a wingspan of not more than two feet. But what really jumped out at me was it’s small beak, long tail, and clear white eyes. I hadn’t seen eyes like that before.

The ray looked in very good shape, which is always good to see. Some of them look like they’ve been in the wars. Like most rays, eagle rays have poisonous spines at the base of their tail so, as with most things in the water, it’s best to look but don’t touch.

Posted in response to Becky’s October Squares challenge theme of ‘Past Squares – Spiky.’ See more responses here.

13 thoughts on “Small spotted eagle ray

            1. Graham Post author

              I think they can whip them around for defensive purposes. I know stingrays do this, which makes them dangerous since they often bury themselves in sand and if someone steps on them, the stingray will lash its tail at them.


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