Signs: Jellyfish present

A sign warning about Jellyfish at Spencer Beach Park, Hawaii

This is the first time I’ve seen signs like this one at Spencer Beach Park. I didn’t see any jellyfish on the beach so perhaps the signs were a warning for those getting in the water. There are often jellyfish in the water, but not in such numbers as to be a problem.

This park is popular with families with small kids so perhaps the authorities were being extra cautious with the signs.

13 thoughts on “Signs: Jellyfish present

    1. Graham Post author

      There are a couple of box jellyfish here that have a painful sting, and also the Portuguese Man-of-War, but most of the others aren’t that bad. Not that I intend to put that information to the test if I can help it.

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        1. Graham Post author

          Yes, I bet that would hurt. I always thought it would be easy to spot a Portuguese Man-of-War, but hat’s because in Europe they’re quite large. The Pacific ones are much smaller and so harder to see. Presumably that’s what got you?


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