Crocodile needlefish

A crocodile needlefish swims toward me.

This crocodile needlefish swam up to check me out one day when I was snorkeling. These are large fish and sometimes, when I see them, I mistake them for great barracudas. A somewhat disturbing fact about crocodile needlefish is that, if they become alarmed, particularly at night, they can turn on whoever has frightened them and drive their beak into that person. The wounds inflicted can be very serious and deaths have been recorded. Mostly though, when I’m snorkeling, they just cruise by and take a non-threatening look.

14 thoughts on “Crocodile needlefish

    1. Graham Post author

      They’re actually not very scary. The light and the angle make it look scarier than it is. I’m not sure how they got that name, although they’re also known as houndfish.


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