Viper Moray Eel

A viper moray eel rests in a recess in the reef
A viper moray eel rests in a hollow

A year or two ago, when I was snorkeling, I spotted an enormous eel resting in a recess in some rocks. I took a few photos, but couldn’t get anything very good because it was so tucked away. I pointed the eel out to some other snorkelers in the vicinity and they checked it out. One of the other snorkelers is much better than I at getting close to subjects so she was able to get better photos despite the surge around the rock. I joked with her that I was fine hanging back, and that I was waiting to get a photo of the eel attacking her!

The eel in question was a Viper Moray Eel so since that time the spot has acquired the name Viper Rock. My fish book describes these eels as “evil-looking” and “one of the largest and potentially most dangerous of Hawaii’s eel.” It’s been an on-and-off resident of that little cave since ever since and I’ve taken photos when I’ve had the opportunity. None have been great, but these are a couple that give an idea of the spot and its inhabitant.

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