Threadfin Jack juvenile

A juvenile threadfin jack in the waters off Hawaii
A juvenile threadfin jack in the waters off Hawaii

This month’s Becky’s Squares challenge theme is ‘Odd.’ (See more responses here.) I have resisted the temptation to post 28 selfies, which will be a relief to everyone, including me. Instead, I start with a favorite fish of mine, the odd-looking Threadfin Jack juvenile.

The key word here is ‘juvenile,’ because when Threadfin Jacks mature, they end up looking like creatures that could provide security at a Beyoncé concert. But as juveniles, they sport a little diamond body, silvery with black bars, and an extravagant array of trailing filaments. This appearance is intended to mimic jellyfish, which was my assumption when I first saw one.

I used to see these regularly, but in the last couple of years I’ve only seen one pair, and that only for a fleeting moment. Not sure if that’s to do with changing conditions or that I’m missing them in the murkier water that prevails these days.


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    1. Graham Post author

      Hi Nancy. I hope all is well with you. The adult fish lives in very deep water so if I ever get to see one, it means one or the other of us is in serious trouble!


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