Road block

Rocks across a road in North Kohala, Hawaii

A while back I posted (here) about a trash cleanup at Upolu. As part of that process, the people responsible graded the dirt road down to the area, presumably so that trucks could more easily get in to haul away trash.

Paralleling that road, for a short stretch, is another road next to the airport fence. As part of the same operation, some large rocks bordering the road were moved across to block access. I think this was because the road has a low stretch which has become deeply rutted and where water and mud collects.

Shortly after the road was blocked someone moved one of the rocks to allow access. A few days later the rock was moved back. This process happened several times over the next few weeks. The rock that was getting moved back and forth is the one on the right, in the grass, in this photo.

In the latest development, another rock has been dragged across to block the road. The skid marks can be seen in the photo. I suspect this rock was chosen because it has a flat bottom and might be harder to move. I haven’t been down there since this latest development, but I’m keen to see if the game continues. I have no idea why someone has been moving these rocks out of the way, since this road joins the improved one just a quarter mile farther on. Perhaps someone is simply objecting to being prevented from driving where-ever the heck they want to. I expect that’s guaranteed in the constitution somewhere!

10 thoughts on “Road block

    1. Graham Post author

      Possibly, or just someone who doesn’t like being told they can’t go somewhere they’ve gone for years, even if there’s a better alternative.


  1. Sandy

    I don’t know if it’s the same with you but I’ve found that in small communities eccentrics seem to act up more. Either I don’t hear about them (there’s no blabby FB group for my city neighborhood) or people are too busy. It’s pretty preverse to be moving those rocks back & forth.

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    1. Graham Post author

      I can see why the people are blocking the road, but I think those moving the rocks are either mudders who like driving through the muddy wallow at the bottom of the dip in that road, or people who just don’t like being told/shown what they can or can’t do. There’s no shortage of those!

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