Stunned Zebra Dove

A zebra dove in Hawaii
Where am I? What am I? What’s going on!
A zebra dove in Hawaii
What’s that? Why does my head hurt?
A zebra dove in Hawaii
Is he the one that hit me?

This Zebra Dove recently cannoned into a window at work. Outside, we found it lying on the ground, out cold. At first, we thought it was dead, but then detected signs of life. So, having seven cats living around the place, we took it inside in the hope that it would recover.

It did soon start to look better and the first thing it did was take wing and cannon into a window from the inside. So we took it outside again and installed it on this branch. It gripped the branch and looked fairly secure, though its blank expression suggested it didn’t have much idea of how it had come to be there.

Gradually the dove recovered, looked around a bit, and gave me a disapproving stare. After a while, it flapped over to a different branch and took on the wide-eyed look that is more typical of these doves. In these circumstances though, that look could be interpreted in a raft of different ways.

Eventually, the dove flew off and I was glad to see that it safely negotiated the branches and trees surrounding it without banging into anything else.

A zebra dove in Hawaii
Oh my god, who are these people? I’ve got to get away from here.

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  1. restlessjo

    We occasionally had young birds crash into our kitchen window back in the UK. Must have given themselves a headache, and made me jump out of my skin, but they always flew off again. Being quite clumsy, I sympathises.

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