Magnificent manta rays

Two manta rays in the waters off Hawaii

Yesterday, my wife and I hadn’t been in the water long when we saw large shapes ahead. There were two manta rays in fairly shallow water that was a bit churned up and cloudy. I took photos, but wasn’t optimistic they’d turn out in the conditions. The mantas swam away and we followed at a distance. There’s no point chasing mantas. Like most things in the water, they can put on a burst of speed that would leave us far behind.

Two manta rays in the waters off Hawaii

The mantas didn’t go far before they curled around and came back towards us. The water was clearer in this area and sunlight illuminated them as they headed our way. The lead manta was quite a bit bigger than the other one, probably around a 14-foot wingspan. They passed close beneath us, then turned again, looped around and headed back. They did this back and forth three times before finally moving on.

Later, when I was coming back, I saw the big manta again. It was in deeper water that was more cloudy so I didn’t get photos, but I watched as it did a couple of loop de loops and some sharp banking and turning. It just seemed to be having a fun day in the ocean and in doing so, made it a fun day for us, too.


29 thoughts on “Magnificent manta rays

    1. Graham Post author

      Wow, dozen would be quite the show. I think the most I’ve seen at one go were four or five and usually it’s just one or two. No less enjoyable for that though!

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  1. bushboy

    I love Manta Rays and you are so lucky to have a display. It’s good to know that while they were looping back and forth, they weren’t sizing you up for dinner. A fabulous dive 😉

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  2. Nancy Fitch

    Wow. It’s hard for me to imagine being underwater in the presence of something that looks like this and has a 14-ft. wingspan. A very special encounter for you two!

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