Ready and waiting

A young myna bird waits for food

I saw this Myna at Punaluʻu Black Sand Beach Park. It was standing just as you see, before moving to do a bit of preening. Then it resumed this position. It repeated this process several times.

The bird was clearly waiting for mum or dad to return with food and, by golly, it wanted to be quite clear that it was ready and waiting to eat. Apparently, the parents weren’t overly impressed by this display, since they didn’t show up while I watched.


6 thoughts on “Ready and waiting

      1. bushboy

        They drive out native small birds and rob nests. My Landcare group has been trapping them for years now and slowly getting more landholders on board to host traps on their places


    1. Graham Post author

      Not really. I looks so hungry with its mouth open wide, but it quite happy to do a bit of preening. It was like it was going through the motions, which is what I found amusing about it.

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