Gold dust day gecko on a pink banana

Gold dust day gecko on a pink banana

Gold dust day geckos are not endemic to Hawaii. A native of Madagascar, Hawaii’s population stems from the release of 8 geckos by a student on the University of Hawaii campus in 1974. It’s not known if beer was involved.

While this makes the gold dust day gecko something of an invasive species, it’s hard to feel bitter about such an endearing little creature. With their striking coloration, they can be seen sticking to any surface or zipping about whether they’re right side up or upside down. They’re not bothered by close examination, usually just staring back with a goofy expression. Turn away though, and they can be gone in an instant.

This gecko was engrossed by the potential of this pink banana. Not sure if it was looking for water, nectar, or the possibility of insects within.

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