Partial solar eclipse

Partial Solar EclipseWe had a partial solar eclipse yesterday afternoon. I thought about going somewhere to see it, but the vog was thick, I didn’t have anything to safely watch it through, and my camera isn’t set up for taking such photos. So I stayed home.

When I realized the eclipse had started, I made a hole in a piece of cardboard and went outside. Sure enough, I was able to project a tiny image of the eclipse onto the front door. Later, when the eclipse was reaching its peak here, with around 70 percent of the sun obscured, I went outside again. I was about to deploy my cardboard pinhole, when I noticed a larger image of the eclipse already showing on the door. It hadn’t been there earlier.

It turned out that a hole on the edge of the roof was perfectly aligned for projecting the image at the peak of the eclipse. A few minutes later, clouds rolled across and the image disappeared. A case of being in the right place at the right time, at least, for that little hole.