Anoles on wire

Anoles on Wire
Anole on WireThere’s something of a daily ritual here involving the green anoles who live under the roof. Each morning two or three small anoles will head out on the cable wire and jump off into the cane grass. I call it the anole commute.

On this particular morning, a large green anole was out on the wire first. When one of the smaller ones approached, the big anole got agitated as anoles are wont to do. He began his ritual of head bobbing and puffing out his dewlap. The little fellow came on, sliding to the side of the wire. Suddenly it jumped onto the nearby telephone wire, scooted past, and leapt into the cane grass. The big anole spun around, but too late. He continued to extend his dewlap for a while to let any watchers, including me, know that this was his territory and he was not to be messed with. Point taken.

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