Better Days: Gravesite

The old gravesite at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on the Big Island.
In Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, north of Hilo, this gravesite sits close to the ocean, surrounded by tropical foliage. The wording on the sign reads:

Long ago, Onomea Bay was a fishing village, became a rough-water seaport in the 1800’s, and later was inhabited by Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos who came here to work in the sugar cane fields and to help build the Onomea Sugar Mill. In the early 1900’s, Onomea was deserted and vegetation grew so densely that few signs of habitation could be seen.

When our Founder and his tireless helpers were first clearing this area, they discovered this olden and dignified gravesite. We have never been able to authenticate the origin, although some old-timers believe the gravesite may have belonged to a caretaker’s family, since a cement-made gravesite would not have pre-dated the 1900’s.

Our commitment is to forever preserve this resting place with the utmost care and respect.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

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